Tour of Cornwall – A snap from the past

This photograph comes courtesy of motorsport snapper Mark Sims.


Another excellent event no longer in the UK rally calendar, The Tour Of Cornwall. Steve Hendy in his Ford Escort WRC on the Penhale Stage which runs along some beautiful Cornish coastline.

Anybody with more info on the year etc please get in touch.

More rally photos are on his instagram site


Happy Valentines Day Autosolo Results

Below are the results of this years Happy Valentines Day autosolo. A full report will follow.

Truro & District Motor Club AutoSOLO
class Total Total Total TOTAL
NO Driver Vehicle A B C
10 JAMES LYNHAM CORSA 1 02:29.4 04:39.0 04:37.5 11:45.9 1st
11 SEAN STRIBLEY HONDA CIVIC 1 03:25.0 06:02.1 05:56.2 15:23.3 2nd
20 ARRIAN FIRMAN SAXO 2 02:40.4 04:31.9 04:14.5 11:26.8 4th
21 KYLIE ALLEN SAXO 2 02:17.7 04:06.7 04:30.1 10:54.5 2nd
22 VINCE FIRMAN SAXO 2 02:38.9 04:09.4 04:10.6 10:58.9 3rd
23 MARK CROWLE SAXO 2 02:19.5 04:06.6 04:06.6 10:32.7 1st
30 IAN ROSCORLA DATSUN 3 02:43.0 04:39.9 04:54.9 12:17.8 6th
40 JOHN COLLINS MX5 4 00:00.0 00:00.0 00:00.0 00:00.0
41 PAUL DEACON MX5 4 02:40.3 04:34.5 04:36.8 11:51.7 5th
42 FELIX BACON MR2 4 02:26.2 04:18.6 04:34.4 11:19.1 4th
43 HAMISH MX5 4 02:37.6 04:19.0 04:20.1 11:16.8 3rd
44 FRED BAWDEN MX5 4 02:18.6 04:05.5 04:05.7 10:29.8 FTD
45 NIALL HEYWOOD MX5 4 02:20.5 04:01.3 04:15.4 10:37.2 1st
46 TONY SAUNDERS ROADSTER 4 02:54.9 04:37.3 04:51.0 12:23.1 7th
47 TED CHALCRAFT MX5 4 02:45.9 05:15.4 05:06.0 13:07.2 9th
48 CHRIS DAVIS MX5 4 02:55.8 04:47.4 04:58.0 12:41.2 8th
49 JASON METTERS MX5 4 02:37.7 04:01.3 04:04.5 10:43.6 2nd


South Downs Stages Rally

A quick report on the Southdowns stages rally 2017 at the famous Goodwood motor racing circuit. A drive up to Chichester on Friday to be ready for a very early start on Saturday morning. The weather forecast looked cold and variable and as it turned out this was not to far off! The temperature did not get above 2degrees all day and add in a windchill and very little coverage made for a very cold day. As there was some wetness on the track the choice of tyres was not clear but we choose to go with the rally slicks in the softest compound we had. The Clio we compete with used to be a Clio Cup race car and part of the support races to the BTCC but had been converted to R3 rally spec with access parts direct from Renaultsport. As we lined up for the start of stage 1 we started to notice some snow flakes but luckily they did not settle but it did continue with this scattering of snow for most of the day making track conditions difficult to predict.

The tricky track conditions continued all day resulting in a couple of excursions through some cones but luckily leading to no damage to the car and only a handful of lost seconds.

The last stage was in the dark and a first for me and made navigating and finding reference points very difficult. At least the marshals hi-viz clothing reflected the lights giving some form of warning of approaching hazards.

A good event to start the year off and our thanks go out to the marshals and organizers of the rally.

Nathan Prisk



Portreath Sprint (Sneak Peak)

Truro and District Motor club are please to announce that a 2day sprint is proposed to be held this year on the 26th & 27th August. We want to get as much information out about this new sprint track as possible and are liaising with the MSA & MOD on what information we are allowed to publish. To start the process we have a small number of images of the track showing the quality of the tarmac compared to the older sprint track. Once full approval has been received we aim to release an aerial shot of the track layout. The committee of which some are sprint and hillclimb competitors are excited about this opportunity and another motorsport event in the South West.


In the landmark ‘Vnuk’ case, the European Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that the EU’s 2009 Motor Insurance Directive required insurance policies to cover all possible third-party accidents in all places and at all times. In some countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, governments had interpreted the law as meaning that it only applies to vehicles driven on public roads, however it is now clear that the judgment means that national laws must be changed to ensure that all mechanically propelled vehicles are insured for third-party losses regardless of type of use, in all places, at any time. This applies to everything from Formula One racing cars, to mobility scooters, to antique trams and everything in-between. Industry experts have already claimed that the risks associated with providing insurance cover to all motorised vehicles mean that they would be prohibitively expensive to insure, thus effectively outlawing all motorsport activities across the United Kingdom.

Please help support us and UK motorsport by signing the petition here

Content courtesy of the FightVNUK website petition

Classic & Sports Car Tour June 11th 2017 Report

From the feedback, we have had it seems once again the event proved to be an enjoyable day’s motoring by all. This year I did not compete as I was given the honour of filling Melody’s shoes as Secretary of the event. It was disappointing the entries were down this year, I had apologies from some previous entrants apparently our date this year clashed with many other events.

However, we had a good variation of vehicles with ages from 1956 to up to more modern versions. Pete again as Clerk of the Course did an interesting route and I received compliments on the route book he produced.  The start was at Padstow from the quay car park, signing on was held in the nearby Walkers restaurant. Tony did a good job multitasking, firstly checking the cars over before departure, then changing hats as navigator in a very nice Morgan.

First car away was our course car manned by Dave, Karen and Allen, in a very nice Focus ST with only 150 miles on the clock. Followed by Pete & Heather also out helping the course car with setting up and signage etc. This first section took entrants to the very picture postcard Port Gaverne. After I finished signing on I was able together with Nora to get to Port Gaverne to do the control, with us at this point were Roger & Kath with their trusty video camera. From here they went up to St Kitts Herbery manned by Chris & Joanna on route taking in a visit to Delabole slate quarry although not open there was an opportunity to use the viewing platform. From St Kitts, there was a stop at the RAF museum Davidstow. This is a very interesting museum run by a couple who do not charge admission but rely on donations, well deserves a visit. From what I can gather there was some confusion here as their competitor the War museum was being over enthusiastic and directed some entrants into his place.

The route then wound its way around to Jamaica Inn for teas & coffees, this control being manned by Melody & Henry, from here on to Pencarrow House. Here we assembled for the lunch break with pasties and cakes on the menu.   After a fine lunch, it was on to Portmellon manned by Chris & Joanna, after which there was a drive through the Caerhayes Castle grounds. It was then on through some more beautiful Cornish scenery to King Harry Ferry taking them across the water to finish at the National trust Trelissick House. Here we were treated to a Cornish cream tea (jam with cream on top!). Once the course closing car manned by Richard & Jeremy came in we started to work out who was voted best car in the event.

All entrants were given a voting slip to let them decide who they considered to be the best/most interesting car on the tour. This year the car obtaining the most votes was a glorious 1956 Jaguar XK140 Roadster driven by Simon Hendra and navigated by Vanessa Hendra. You do not need a classic car to do this event, we accept cars from year dot up to present day as long as they are road legal, taxed & insured etc. I’m sure in due course Roger will be putting the video of the event on line where you will be able to see the selection of cars that took part.  I had two favourites both Minis however if I had to choose it would have been the 1968 Mini Cooper S.

Thanks to all entrants and helpers, watch our website for next year’s Coast to Coast date.


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