Club History

The club has been in existence for about 80 or 90 years. It’s hard to know exactly as the club was disbanded during the Second World War and no records exist that we know of. In the post Second World War years the club was re-formed by Donald and Geoff Healey from their premises at Riley Garage, Perranporth. In one of the Healey books it mentions the club organising its first motor sprint on a section of road between Truro and Perranporth – something that of course could never happen in modern times! Donald Healey became club president in the late sixties and remained in office until he became ill in later life.
In the sixties the club ran many events with entry numbers that we would still be very proud of today. Autocrosses at Laniley near Truro and sprints at Predannack – not today’s airfield that we all know but on the other side of the road where old military roads existed.
In 1968 the club gained permission to run hill climbs at Tregrehan from Miss Carlyon, a real petrol head. Through the seventies and eighties the club ran four hill climbs a year at Tregrehan – three ASWMC championship and one club event. We often had very high numbers of entries and sometimes had in excess of one hundred competitors. In the eighties the club got together with the motorcycle fraternity and for the first time we had motorcycles competing alongside the cars. This new era bought another aspect to Tregrehan and increased the spectacle.
Other events run were many road rallies, stage rallies, autocrosses and trials with up to twenty MSA authorised events per year plus other waiver of permit events such as treasure hunts etc. The club would run an all night 180-mile road rally on the Saturday night, followed by a stage rally on the Sunday. Alas cars are not built to do both types of event these days.
In the seventies and eighties one could build a car that you would use to compete on all events: road rallies, stage rallies, hill climbs, autocrosses and then even drive to work in it on Monday morning. It would be good to get back to some of those ways.