Mike Remnant

Truro and District Motor Club are saddened to report the passing of Mike Remenant during the Christmas period. Mike was a competitor for many years at Tregrehan. Details of his funeral can be found here.

Memories of Mike Remnant by Tony Wood.

“One of my memories of Mike was at one of the Tregrehan hillclimbs in the late 1970′, Mike was driving his supercharged Ralt.  Roger Jordan had set off up the hill followed by Mike, at the top of the avenue near paddock bend the car got away from Mike and he went into one of the trees on the left with an almighty crash.  As clerk of the course I was at the scene very quickly only to find Mike unconscious and slumped in the car, marshals and St Johns Ambulance arrived (we didn’t have a rescue unit in those days) along with the doctor.  Roger Jordan suddenly appeared, he had ran down from the top of the hill and as Mike came round Roger said to him ‘I suppose your chasing squirrels again Remnant’ (Mike had had a squirrel run across the track during a previous run).  That’s how TDMC came to have the Squirrel Cup, which we still award to one of the FTD’s at our Portreath Sprint.  Mike was a great supported of TDMC.  He and Andy Fraser had a ‘Tregrehan Champ’ T shirt which used to change hands when one of them beat the other to claim FTD or break the track record.

In those days we often took a mini bus to the British Grand Prix  and Mike always shared the driving with me, the drives were normally eventful and all roundabout had to driven round at least twice just to wake everyone one up on the overnight journey.”

LeJog 2019 Report

As it was the 25th anniversary running of the LeJog this year the organisers asked if TDMC could possibly run two tests, the normal Cornwall College one and the Land’s End test which we have run a number of times over the years, but the one we ran twenty five year’s ago. This put quite a strain on the club for marshals and I know both John Collins and I struggled to get sufficient to man all the points necessary.

Saturday 7th December was dark, bleak and damp when I arrived at Land’s End at 06.00 to find Geoff Gibson had beat me to it, Geoff had gone down on Saturday afternoon to set out the cones, tape etc., but of course overnight most of the tape had gone. Anyway It was soon finished and we set about signing on the marshals who were all on site before 06.45.
Geoff was assisted with the start control by Derek House who was the club’s chairman when I first got involved in about 1971, not only that but Chris and Joanna Cock maned the finish time control and they were also on the committee at that same time, in fact Joanna was club secretary when I first joined.

As it was the events 25th anniversary the organisers had a very good entry. Car 1 was a 1924 Bentley Le Mans, with a Model A Ford at 2 and a rather noisy 1927 Bentley Super Sport at 3. All open topped and though some did have the canvas hoods. Another five Bentley’s followed in within the top fifteen and a very nice 1938 Chevrolet Fangio Special at 9. You certainly needed to be committed to enter such an event in an open top car, particularly at this time of year. The all lady crew of Susan Holyoake and Claire Lawson in a series 1 Land Rover were running at 14.

It was quite amusing at the start because the organisers issued the competitors with there timecards at TC1 which was inside the Land’s End hotel, but this was only done three minutes prior to their start time of the first test, so we had a number of cars getting ready to line up with drivers tooting their horns trying to hurry up their navigators. When they finally got to the start line some of the navigators had to be reminded to put on their seat belts and one or two to get out the route diagram for the first test.

It was good to see such good a selection of ‘old cars’ from Porches, Triumph TR’s, 2000’s, Rovers, Mk1 Ford Cortinas, Mini’s, Alfa Romeos and Volvo Amazons to name a few.

The Cornish crew of father and son Roger and Tom Bricknell were running at 74 in their Mk1 VW Golf GTi. Tom went off the line very quickly as though he meant business and according to our finish timing crew it certainly appeared as though they were the fastest car through the Land’s End test. We will await the event results with interest.

Many thanks to all the TDMC marshals for turning out at both tests and of course to all the competitors who gave us an entertaining morning.

The MacMillan Grand Tour

The MacMillan Grand Tour and evening soiree at the Alverton Manor Truro Sunday 19th January 2020.
Dennis Greenslade is once again running this event in aid of MacMillan Care, it consists of a classic tour starting from the Alverton Manor and a tour towards North Cornwall with lunch at a castle and return to Alverton Manor. There are some clues to ensure route compliance and is a taster to what one can expect if one enters Dennis’s Cape to Cape Tours. The day is followed by and evening soiree at the Alverton Manor.

For more information please contact Dennis Greenslade on 07584 193007 or greensladetregunna@btinternet.com

Car Recognition Quiz 2019 – The Results

Car Recognition Quiz 2019 – for the Paul Monro Trophy

The Plume of Feathers Mitchell orangery was once again fully packed with teams competing for the Paul Monro Trophy awarded for the best team last week.
The evening very successfully (as normal) was organised by Nigel and Rose Stephens in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support.
Truro Motor Club had three teams entered, ‘All the Gears no Idea’ team made up by Bob Eddy, Phil Sheridan and Paul Deacon, the ‘Watergate’ team made up of Dave Brenton, Roger Hargreaves and Shelly Deacon who was standing in for Chairman John Collins who due to illness could not attend. This did lead to some rivalry between the Deacon family. The third team was Mike Tregoning, Roger Langford and Tony Wood making up the ‘TDMC old Rally Boys’ team.
Triumph Stag Owners Club, Merlin Farms, Cape to Capers, St Austell TR’s and Chris Cocks were regular entries amongst the twenty teams competing.
The quiz had three picture rounds, Pre 1970s, 1970 to 2000 and 2000 to 2019. There was then a break and this was followed with a round entitled ‘The Euros’, this was made up from a power point presentation with more cars and even some marques badges. As normal Nigel and Rose had some very interesting pictures, some reasonably easy and some very hard.

The evening raised a total £705, which was made up from the entry fees, the raffle and included £77 collected from change popped into the pot as people left the venue.
The quiz was won by the St Austell TR’s with 211 points after many years of being second and third, well done to them. Triumph Stag Owners Club and TDMC Old Rally Boys were joint 2nd with 205 points each.
Thank you to all that entered and see you next year.

2019 Car Quiz Final Score Sheet

Updated Payment Guidance for TDMC Events

As a result of updated banking methods introduced by the UK Banks, our Treasurer has reviewed how payments can be made for Truro and District Motor Club events. Whilst there is no change to the different payment options available, there is updated guidance on their use.

Full details can be found here.

Tregrehan Hill Climb 2019

The ASR’s and entry forms for this year’s Tregrehan Speed Hill Climb are now available from our dedicated Tregrehan page here.

The dates for your diaries are June 22nd ad 23rd, and October 12th and 13th.

Once again this year, both weekends are rounds of the 2019 TyreMarks ASWMC Hillclimb Championship and the Cornish Speed Championship. We are also delighted to announce a new championship for this year, the Richard Bros – Truro and District Motor Club Speed Championship. This is open to all members of Truro and District Motor Club, and runs across all our speed events this year

Annual General Meeting 2019

** AGM DATE **


The new date for our Annual General Meeting is now April 29th 2019.

The meeting will be held at Truro Golf Club, with a buffet at 18:30, and the meeting will commence at 19:00.

The meeting is open to all PAID up members of Truro and District Motor Club. There will be more details to follow.

Portreath Sprint 2019

Portreath Sprint Update

Unfortunately, as published previously the August sprint has been cancelled. We hope to welcome you all back in 2020.

Following feedback from competitors, marshals and officials the course is now 0.9 miles long.

Both the April and August events are rounds of the 2019 TyreMarks ASWMC Sprint Championship, and the Cornish Speed Championship. Also this year, we are delighted to welcome the Torbay Speed Championship to both the Sunday’s of each weekend.

Membership Renewal 2019

Remember to renew your membership subscriptions for 2019. These subscriptions help keep the club going and for a large number of events membership of an Motorsport UK approved motorclub is mandatory. Membership also allows you to help steer the club via the committee and attendance at the Annual General Meeting. Download a form under the membership tab above.

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