Message from the Chairman

Dear Members and friends of TDMC.

The committee and I hope that you are all well and this virus has so far passed you and your families by.  We ask that you all continue to follow the governments guidelines and remain socially distanced from everyone other than the people you live with.  We all hope that the governments predictions are correct and the country can start to return to normal.

On the 24th March 2020, Motorsport UK released the following statement:-

“In light of recent developments in the COVID-19 crisis and following the address to the nation by the Prime Minister on the evening of the 24th March, Motorsport UK has today extended its suspension of all organising permits and Certificates of Exemption for Motorsport events until at least 30th June.

The move provides clear guidance to event organisers, venues, competitors, officials and volunteer marshals of the role Motorsport UK must play in supporting the broader UK public health agenda.”

What are the implications of this to our friends and members?

TDMC have had to cancel 2 events so far this year due to the virus, The April Portreath event and the June Tregrehan event.  Not the most auspicious start to the 2020 season.

We have had to postpone our AGM, we are hoping to have a date for this as soon as the all clear is given by the government for movements and social gatherings to resume.

The TDMC committee are also working from home on your behalf and are going ahead with the planning and preparation for our August event and the later October event.  We will of course post ASR’s and Entry forms here on our website once the all clear is given by the government for movements and social gatherings to resume and we have been given the necessary permits by Motorsport UK.  At present we ask the no one posts entry forms and entry fees for either of the two aforementioned events until we notify you that we have the permits in place to run said events.

For you viewing pleasure on our Facebook Page, Dave Brenton has been busy uploading video clips of past TDMC events and some of the Tour of Cornwall Rally.

Until then, please follow the governments instructions, stay socially distanced from others and most of all stay safe. 

Warmest regards

John H Collins


Truro and District Motor Club.

Written for and on behalf of the TDMC Committee.

Annual General Meeting – Postponed

Following the advice from the UK Government on holding social gatherings, we have postponed our Annual General Meeting, scheduled for Monday March 23rd until further notice. When we have the ability to set a future date, all members will be notified in good time.

Mike Remnant

Truro and District Motor Club are saddened to report the passing of Mike Remenant during the Christmas period. Mike was a competitor for many years at Tregrehan. Details of his funeral can be found here.

Memories of Mike Remnant by Tony Wood.

“One of my memories of Mike was at one of the Tregrehan hillclimbs in the late 1970′, Mike was driving his supercharged Ralt.  Roger Jordan had set off up the hill followed by Mike, at the top of the avenue near paddock bend the car got away from Mike and he went into one of the trees on the left with an almighty crash.  As clerk of the course I was at the scene very quickly only to find Mike unconscious and slumped in the car, marshals and St Johns Ambulance arrived (we didn’t have a rescue unit in those days) along with the doctor.  Roger Jordan suddenly appeared, he had ran down from the top of the hill and as Mike came round Roger said to him ‘I suppose your chasing squirrels again Remnant’ (Mike had had a squirrel run across the track during a previous run).  That’s how TDMC came to have the Squirrel Cup, which we still award to one of the FTD’s at our Portreath Sprint.  Mike was a great supported of TDMC.  He and Andy Fraser had a ‘Tregrehan Champ’ T shirt which used to change hands when one of them beat the other to claim FTD or break the track record.

In those days we often took a mini bus to the British Grand Prix  and Mike always shared the driving with me, the drives were normally eventful and all roundabout had to driven round at least twice just to wake everyone one up on the overnight journey.”

Club Member is BWRDC Gold Star Nominee

Truro & District Motor club and committee member Shelly Deacon is nominated for a BWRDC gold star.
Winners of the coveted award are to be announced at the Autosport international show at the NEC Birmingham in January 2020.
The clubs and other members send their congratulations and wish Shelly good luck.
The BWRDC GoldStars Award is an initiative conceived by the British Women Racing Driver Club to promote talented women in motorsport. Only two of the prestigious GoldStars Awards may be presented annually at the discretion of the Club, and the GoldStars are not always awarded!

Colin Hambly

Former Truro motor club chairman Colin Hambly who passed away at the weekend.
He was with the club for at least 20 years and was involved as a competitor and had various official roles inc clerk of the course at Predannack Sprints and Tregrehan Hillclimbs.

Some of the work he carried out at Tregrehan can still be seen there today.


His funeral will be at Penmount Crematorium 11am Monday 25 Nov.

If anyone has any stories or info they would like to share or if they would like to join in a Motorsport convoy could they emailĀ

He died from motor neurone disease.