An evening with Club President Mr David Richards CBE and Friends

TDMC Club Night

An evening with Club President Mr David Richards CBE and Friends

Saturday 15th October. 8.00pm The St Mawes Hotel.


Dave Brenton, Bob Eddy and myself have been talking to Club President David Richards for many months about putting on a club night for local charities.

David has chosen Cornwall Air Ambulance  and the Club has chosen to raise money for the Cornwall Hospital Prostate Cancer Charity and.  All the money raised will go to those two charities.


David has invited a number of guests down for the evening and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed; he will interview each of the guests and put forward questions to them about their motor sport careers. We do not want at this stage to release all the names of those attending, but suffice it to say they are all well known names from F1 and Rallying.


We will make available questionnaire papers that you may complete before the evening for you to submit your own  questions to the guests.


The evening will start at about 6.00pm when there will be a showing of a film about our guests in the exclusive 25 seat film cinema within the St Mawes Hotel, a second showing will be at about 7.00pm allowing time for all those attending to see the film shows and get something to eat before the 8.00pm start.


It is intended to put tickets on sale as of 1st September 2016 at £30.00 each.  The Club only have a maximum of fifty tickets available, so only Club members will be invited to purchase tickets.  Should the tickets not all be sold before the end of September then we will release tickets to the members of other Cornish Clubs.


Tickets will be available from Tony Wood after 1st September but not before, there will be no way to reserve tickets prior to this date.

Tel. number 01209 200751 or 07770 844701 at a reasonable hour only.

Email –

Pete Matta

It is with great sadness yesterday afternoon to hear of the loss of Pete Matta.
Peter was well known in motorsport and a great supporter of all the clubs for his help and especially his exploits, he will be sadly missed by us all.

June Newsletter

Here is the June edition of The Link – Truro & District Motor Club’s newsletter.


The Link June 2016


This month includes:


Tregrehan Speed Hill Climb

Coast to Coast Tour Report

Euroclassic Tour of Ireland

AGM 2016 Report

Camel Vale 12 car rallies


Kind regards


On behalf of Truro & District Motor Club committee

Tregrehan Hill Climb

The ASR’s and Entry form for the October 8th and 9th Tregrehan Hill Climb weekend are available for download. This weekend are the final rounds of the Bridge Tyres and Wheels Point S ASWMC Hill Climb Championship and The Cornish Speed Championship. Download the forms and find spectator information here.

TDMC Lapel Badges

The Club have now got a stock of lapel badges for sale, they are good quality and available from Manda Moo  – at a cost of £2.00 each.  Unfortunately they cannot be sent through the post, but if you contact Amanda she can make arrangements for them to be available at future events for you to collect.


MSA Seminar for Unlicensed Officials and Training Instructors

MSA Seminar for Unlicensed Officials and Training Instructors – Report by Allen Iggulden

Saturday 30th January saw a great number of motor club officials from all over the South West attend the MSA Seminar.  MSA officials present were Alan Page and our own RDO Kevin Moore.


We were instructed about all aspects of running a motor club.  It was advised that the first item on our website should be promoting up and coming events, so that anyone looking at it would immediately be aware what events were imminent.  We were also advised to offer a discount for those members who chose to pay for, say, 5 years’ membership in advance. New members should receive a pack of our motor club car stickers, current rules and regulations and a list of the year’s events.  Also a new member should be assigned a “buddy” during their first year to introduce him/her to our various disciplines within motorsport. We were also advised that every month, in our newsletter, we should feature a committee official or member, along with a photo of that member, so that they would be recognised at our events.  This would be accompanied with a piece about what they do within the motor club so that any prospective club official would know their job.


One important piece of information was that at an incident, where a car has “gone off” or turned over, we should always approach it from the front as there have been times when it was approached from behind, that the driver turned his head to see who was there, but his neck was broken and fatalities have occurred.


Every year, a donation of £2,000 has gone to every Air Ambulance nationwide.  This is because in emergencies, we rely on these guys to save our lives. All clubs should have an incident plan that all members were aware of.  Also all marshals should be polite to everyone to help promote motorsport and successfully run an event.


The 2016 MSA Blue Book has a new rule governing drink and drugs for all drivers, marshals and officials at an event.  Tests can happen, any time. By 2017, all Rally Stage Marshals will have to be trained and registered by the MSA.  There will be modules available for us from the MSA to train up new members.


Those who attended this seminar found it most informative and educational and I am sure we are all interested in the on going MSA training that is necessary for tomorrow’s motorsport club officials.


Allen Iggulden, TDMC Chairman

March Newsletter

Here is the March edition of The Link – Truro & District Motor Club’s newsletter.


The Link March 2016


This month includes:


AGM 18th April

Truro Speed Academy

Cornwall Coast to Coast Tour 15th May

Tregrehan hillclimb dates

Autosolo dates

MSA seminar report by Allen Iggulden

Euroclassic tours

Ubique Motor DIY – Euro road trip

F1 Italian GP trip

Le Mans Classic British Welcome by Terry Bolt

Russell Brookes article by David Southwell

TDMC 2016 calendar


Kind regards



On behalf of Truro & District Motor Club committee

Frontal Head Restraint (FHR)

From January 1st 2016 the use of an FIA homologated FHR is mandatory in MSA National events for the following in Sprints and Hillclimbs.
All drivers with the exception of road going category vehicles and period defined vehicles (pre – 1977)
A full list of FIA homologated FHR systems can be found at FIA technical list no 29.
The FIA technical lists can be found at

For more information see the document from the MSA:

Frontal Head Restraints (FHRs) – MSA

Become an Accredited Marshal

If any of you plan to attend any rallies, for example TSH stages at Portreath from 2016 all rallies must have a pre planned number of accredited Rally Marshals or the event cannot run.
You can become an Accredited Marshal by registering on line at the MSA website and answering correctly 5 questions in 3 modules (15 in total).
Quick film to watch, bit of reading, 3 modules, took 30 mins max.

Annual General Meeting – Monday 18th April

Please read this in full as it is important. We have booked the dining room at Truro Golf Club, TR1 3LG on Monday 18th April for the club’s AGM. The meeting will start at 7.30 pm prompt. Proposed are Lesley Weeks as Honorary Secretary, Nick Vincent as Honorary Treasurer and David Brenton as Competition Secretary. Immediately following the AGM will be a TDMC committee meeting to propose all the other officials. All paid-up 2016 members are cordially invited to attend. TDMC 2016 membership cards may be requested to be shown, so please bring them with you. You will be able to download an agenda and a nomination form for the posts from our website prior to the meeting Email for more details.

Allen Iggulden, TDMC Chairman.

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