Christmas Taster AutoSOLO

With 22 enthusiastic drivers, this fancy dress event proved very exciting. John Collins came up with two new courses, especially designed for this taster event. The four newbies, or virgins as John prefers to call them, all enjoyed the courses, and showed that they could certainly handle their cars.

It must be fitting that the only person prepared to make themselves look silly in a super-hero Batman outfit was Alistair Barnes who did eventually gain Fastest Time of Day overall. Also showing a great example, in an under-powered Ford Ka, was John himself, who really did drive his vehicle as fast as he could around both courses on all six runs.

Everyone drove to the best of their abilities so I will mention the class leaders. Wayne Grimshaw did miracles in his under-powered Nova by taking top place in group 1. Paul Deacon, in his BMW, took the lead place in group 2 by his great consistent driving. After Alistair Barnes took FTD in group 3, (well he was Batman, after all), came Adam Barnes, only half a minute overall behind Batman. Group 4 saw Marek Wojciehowski in his Toyota MR2 take top place in group 4.

Other drivers that deserve a mention, who gave very spirited examples of how to drive your car fast, were Ted Chalcraft in his very fast Toyota Celica, Ross Dodds in his Subaru Impreza Estate and of course Niall Heywood in his MX5 and Jason Metters in another MX5. All these drivers were very entertaining to watch and we thank them for showing us their driving expertise.

On behalf of Truro and District Motor Club, may I take this opportunity to thank all the many helpers, marshals and drivers that over the past year have helped to make our AutoSOLOs the success that they have been. A special thanks must go out to John, Jeremy, Manda, Richard and Lesley, who seem to be present at everything that we organise. Without your help, we would have no events to run.

report by Allen Iggulden

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