MSA Seminar for Unlicensed Officials and Training Instructors

MSA Seminar for Unlicensed Officials and Training Instructors – Report by Allen Iggulden

Saturday 30th January saw a great number of motor club officials from all over the South West attend the MSA Seminar.  MSA officials present were Alan Page and our own RDO Kevin Moore.


We were instructed about all aspects of running a motor club.  It was advised that the first item on our website should be promoting up and coming events, so that anyone looking at it would immediately be aware what events were imminent.  We were also advised to offer a discount for those members who chose to pay for, say, 5 years’ membership in advance. New members should receive a pack of our motor club car stickers, current rules and regulations and a list of the year’s events.  Also a new member should be assigned a “buddy” during their first year to introduce him/her to our various disciplines within motorsport. We were also advised that every month, in our newsletter, we should feature a committee official or member, along with a photo of that member, so that they would be recognised at our events.  This would be accompanied with a piece about what they do within the motor club so that any prospective club official would know their job.


One important piece of information was that at an incident, where a car has “gone off” or turned over, we should always approach it from the front as there have been times when it was approached from behind, that the driver turned his head to see who was there, but his neck was broken and fatalities have occurred.


Every year, a donation of £2,000 has gone to every Air Ambulance nationwide.  This is because in emergencies, we rely on these guys to save our lives. All clubs should have an incident plan that all members were aware of.  Also all marshals should be polite to everyone to help promote motorsport and successfully run an event.


The 2016 MSA Blue Book has a new rule governing drink and drugs for all drivers, marshals and officials at an event.  Tests can happen, any time. By 2017, all Rally Stage Marshals will have to be trained and registered by the MSA.  There will be modules available for us from the MSA to train up new members.


Those who attended this seminar found it most informative and educational and I am sure we are all interested in the on going MSA training that is necessary for tomorrow’s motorsport club officials.


Allen Iggulden, TDMC Chairman