The Tregrehan Speed Hillclimb Academy 2015

2015 Rules

Truro & District Motor Club Ltd will run the Tregrehan Speed Academy in 2015 with the aim of mentoring new speed competition licence holders during their first year of competition at a number of speed events in Cornwall.

To be eligible:

1. Entrants must be in their first year as an MSA competition licence holder;

2. Competitor’s cars must be road registered, driven to the events and eligible to enter any of the event road car classes;

3. Competitors must enter all the academy events specified to take advantage of the reduced entry fees;

4. Be members of Truro & District Motor Club.

The academy will be made up of the following events;

Four Tregrehan Speed Hillclimbs over two weekends : 6 – 7 June & 10 – 11 Oct

Two Castle Speed Hillclimbs over one weekend on 11-12 July

Two Treloy Sprints (Sundays only) 23 August and 27 September

Truro & District Motor Club will organise the Tregrehan Hillclimbs, Camel Vale Motor Club the Castle Hillclimbs and Newquay Auto Club the Treloy sprints.

Non-new speed licence holders may be permitted to enter the academy under certain circumstances decided individually on merit by Truro & District Motor Club i.e. a person who has not competed in any form of motor sport for a period in excess of fifteen years. The decision on eligibility to enter under the above terms will be the responsibility of the following members of the Truro & District Motor Club: David Brenton, Jeremy Thomas and Tony Wood.

The clubs for their part will offer a reduced entry fee of £45 per event, payable for Tregrehan as £75 for each of the two June events and £15 for each of the October events (averaging £45 per event). Camel Vale Motor Club and Newquay Auto Club will also offer their academy specified events at £45 for academy entrants. To take advantage of this offer, entrants must of course first register with Truro & District Motor Club.

The Clubs will host a pre-season mentoring session with invited guests such as MSA scrutineers, experienced competitors and senior club officials to give advice on competing.

The Clubs will host a Tregrehan and Castle ‘open day’ prior to the first Tregrehan event where academy entrants will be shown the hills by the mentors. Academy entrants will be given the chance to walk the hills with mentors and shown around the venue in general. Unfortunately access to the Treloy venue is restricted outside the event weekends so it may not be possible to show entrants around prior to the events, mentors will however be on hand to show you around on the day.

Club officials and mentors will be available throughout the year to offer advice and guidance as required.

Event organisers will do everything they can to assist academy entrants who wish to ‘double drive’ a car and share the same overalls, helmet etc.

The Treburley Garage Trophy will be awarded to the entrant who has improved the most during the specified events. This will be calculated on the improved times of each competitor, taking the first timed run at each venue and comparing to the best timed run at the event.