Tregrehan Hill Climb

Competitor Information

This year’s Tregrehan events will take place over the weekends of June 22nd and 23rd and October 12th and 13th 2019.

Following on from our 50th anniversary year, the Club have decided to keep the entry fee at the same cost as 2018.

Both weekends are rounds of the 2019 TyreMarks ASWMC Hill Climb Championship and The Cornish Speed Championship.

We are also delighted to announce that this year we have a new Championship, the Richard Bros – Truro and District Motor Club Speed Championship. This free championship is open to all Truro and District Motor Club members, and runs across all eight of our speed events this year.

Please scroll down for the results from the previous events.

If you would like further details about the Tregrehan Estate, please visit their website at

We look forward to a great weekend of motorsport.

The ASR’s and Entry form for the second Tregrehan weekend in October can be downloaded here as a word document, and here as a PDF.

Updated guidance on payment methods can be found here. Please read alongside the ASR’s.


This year Truro and District Motor Club are delighted to announce that we will be supporting Children’s Hospice South West, as there Little Harbour home is in nearby St. Austell. Further information about their vital services can be found by clicking the logo below.


Spectator Information

Tregrehan Speed Hillclimb, Tregrehan Gardens PL24 2SJ
Exciting racing starts both Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 am. Spectators are treated to see the whole hill, including the difficult top hairpin, at one of the best parkland venues in the South West.
Hot and cold food and drinks are available throughout the day, and there are also public toilets at various places on site.

All sorts of cars race up the hill against the clock from Minis, Escorts, highly tuned sports cars, and of course single seater racing cars.

2017 was our 50th year at Tregrehan, making it the oldest speed hillclimb in Cornwall.

The hill record is held by Andrew Dinner in his Pilbeam MP 82 single seater racing car. He has crossed the line in just 17.13 seconds, and to achieve this, he must approach the first bend at nearly 100 MPH.

This very exciting form of motor racing is family friendly and safe, as we consider everyone present, equally important for their safety, but also their enjoyment. So please come and enjoy the fun and excitement with all the family. Adult entry is £6 each, with young children FREE.

This professionally run event, is organised under the Motor Sport Association’s rules and regulations, by Truro and District Motor Club.
Tregrehan Estate
St Austell
PL24 2SJ
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