Tregrehan Speed Hill Climb 10th -11th October

Truro and District Motor Club was blessed with fine weather all weekend for the last Cornish speed hill climb of 2015. All the drivers were keen to improve on their times throughout both days of the weekend. There were a great number of very spirited attempts at the record, none as good though as Mike Lee, in his OMS 200M 1585cc single seater racing car, or Phil Montgomery-Smith in his Fisher Fury 1299cc highly tuned sports car . Saturday saw Phil within just under a second of Mike Lee’s time, and Sunday saw Phil improve to within just half a second from the fastest time of the day. FTD on Saturday went to Mike Lee with 17.78 seconds and Phil Montgomery-Smith on 18.61 seconds. Sunday’s fastest times were Mike Lee again, reducing his time to 17.46 seconds, but Phil was closer on his heels at 18.02 seconds. Despite several spectacular “offs”, there were no injuries and not too much damage either. The many spectators present were treated to some excellent examples of how to drive a car fast up a hill. Almost everyone managed to steadily improve on their times as the start line dried out over the weekend and bravado and superior driving experience shone through showing the great skills needed in controlling a car at high speed. All in all, the weekend was a wonderful success. The food outlets were more popular than ever, now being in the paddock. The improved entrance to the spectators’ car-park, and the redesigned top entrance to the paddock were also appreciated by everyone. There were many favourable comments from the drivers and spectators as to the running of the event. Credit goes to Richard Weeks, Clerk of the Course,Lesley Weeks, Secretary of the Meeting, Jeremy Thomas, Entries Secretary who also co-ordinated the signing on, and to David Robertson-Wells for organising all the marshals. Many thanks to all the marshals and officials for making the event a success.

Results on the website:

by Allen Iggulden.