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We are pleased to announce that our annual awards evening will be held at the Hotel Victoria, Newquay on Saturday February 3rd 2024, from 6pm. There will be a buffet provided at a cost of £20.00 per person, and the menu can be viewed below, along […]
The club are pleased to announce that we have started to finalise our Speed event dates for 2024. We have confirmed the date for our two weekends at Tregrehan. These are Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th, and Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th […]
The Club are pleased to announce that, as we have done in previous year’s, new membership applications, and renewals are now open for 2024. Anyone who joins now will be issued with an electronic membership card, valid until December 31st 2024. The membership card will be […]

Club Announcements

Annual General Meeting 2023
This year’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday May 22nd, at Truro Golf Club, 6.30pm with the meeting starting at 7pm.
Further details to follow.


The following dates have been decided for Truro and District Motor Club events in 2023.

June 17th and 18th – Tregrehan
September 30th and October 1st – Tregrehan

April 15th and 16th – Portreath
August 26th and 27th – Portreath

Motorsport UK – Covid-19 guidance 

The link above includes guidance for competitors, and face mask requirements guidance. Please familiarise yourself by following the links on the Motorsport UK website.

Portreath Sprint, Portreath

Enjoy the longest sprint in Cornwall, Fast and flowing

This spint is long at around a mile, fast with speeds over 100mph for some and difficult to master, what more do you want from a sprint!

Tregrehan 2023

Truro and District Motor Club are delighted to be returning to Tregrehan this year. The dates of our events are  June 17th and 18th and September 30th and October 1st.

Further details will be announced when available. 


Classic Touring

TDMC Classic Tour

In 1922 Donald and his brother Geoffrey Healey, ran the first TDMC event by closing off a section of road between Truro and Perranporth to run a sprint. The Police turning a blind eye to the closed road. They were also the first ones to use what is now the tarmac road at Blue Hills for a trial.

To celebrate the Club’s centenary, we are running the Centenary Classic Tour, an event for classic cars starting and finishing at Healey’s Cyder Farm. The road run will be approximately 80-90 miles with lunch at Trebah the home of Donald Healey.

Tregrehan hillclimb, st austell

Go Fast UpHill

An Historic venue nestled inside a small country estate racing starts along a beautiful tree lined avenue before entering the famous carlyon corner (How fast do you dare go?) before the final sprint facing the country house before the incredibly difficult hairpain on over the flying finish.

racing cars

From the likes of Gould, Reynard, OMS and Radical. All at full speed!

salon cars

Standard cars made much much faster, spaceframe minis to ultimate 205s all here to watch.

standard cars

Think you need a lot, think again. Your road car, a helmet & overalls and a few safety tweaks and you can race.

rally cars

From Ex Prodrive Subarus to the ever popular Ford Escorts and sometimes a 6R4.

A few things we’re great at

Truro and District Motor club has been at the forefront of Motorsport in Cornwall for over 50 years and during those years we have delievered these key things


It’s you, your car and a hill against the clock


No Hills this time just flat out around a short course


Want to get into motorsport then this is a great start and allows you to move on to other forms of motorsport. All you need is a car and a helmet.


We take safety very seriously, with marshalls, doctors and emergency vehicles all trained to assist you

SPONSORED by Richards Bros

TDMC Speed Championship

The TDMC Speed Championship was introduced by the committee in 2019 to give something back to our members who compete in our events. There is no entry fee as your membership guarantees your entry into the championship which is run over all 8 of our events each year. (If the number of events increases so will the number of eligible championship events increase.)

points system

Competitors are awarded 10 points on completion of at least one timed run at the event. Further points are allocated as per the scoring schedule below, (The scoring system is quite simple and there is a handicap system in place which brings into account the numbers in each class.) determined by competitors placing within their class as recorded in the Official Final Results.


Event Awards. The competitor holding first place in the championship at the close of each round shall be awarded a refund of their entry fee for that round. Competitors are only eligible to receive a Round Award once in each season and will then be exempt from the award in further rounds. This exemption applies only to the Round Awards and not to Championship Awards. 

Championship Awards. 

Awards will be presented to the competitors placing first, second and third at the end of the final round. The awards will be presented at Truro and District Motor Club’s annual awards event. Your name will go onto the perpetual shield for the year in which your win the championship and each of the top three will receive smaller trophies.

The Championship Regulations will be published in full and below will be a link to the regulations, it is very important that all competitors read and comply with the Championship Regulations.


Jason MacDonald.          Portreath Saturday        02/04/22

Giles Maddever.             Portreath Sunday           03/04/22

David Edwards.                Tregrehan Saturday       18/06/22

Ted Chalcraft.                   Tregrehan Sunday          19/06/22

Keenan Dockery.             Portreath Saturday        27/08/22

John Opie.                         Portreath Sunday           28/08/22

Aaron Dockery.                Tregrehan Saturday       01/10/22

Simon Ambler.                Tregrehan Sunday          02/10/22



Truro Speed Academy 2023

Truro Speed Academy

The Club will be running the Truro Speed Academy again in 2023. For anyone wishing to join, the Academy Regulations and Registration Form are now available using the links on this page.

Anyone wishing to enter the events and be mentored through their first season should contact Ted Chalcraft for more information at

Join us! It will only take a minute

Our Committee

These are the special people of Truro & District Motor Club that help make motorsport available to you.



Richard Weeks

Motorsport UK

Clerk of the Course 

Dave Brenton

Competition Secretary, Rally Clerk of the Course, deals with most of the communication with Motorsport UK including Event Permit and Track Licence Applications.

David Richards CBE

Club President, Chairman of Motorsport UK

Adrian Elliott

Committe Member, competing in Motorsport from the 70s and is currently best known as the voice you hear commenting at most of the hillclimbs.

Nathan Prisk

Webmaster, Competitor & SimRacer

Allen Iggulden

Long time committee member, keen motorsports supporter and key top paddock marshal at Tregrehan Hillclimb

Bob Eddy

Long standing member of T.D.M.C. Held many roles at present one of the Vice Presidents, competitor, and active organiser on the committee. Likes all forms of motorsport, special interest, Rallying!

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